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About The Authors and About The Book

The Authors ...

Barbara Dremann and Judith Rivers-Moore

Introduced by their engaged children, these two ladies have been friends for over twenty-five years. As retirement and time allowed 

they worked together on various art projects in their sparse-spare-time. 

Barbara and Judith both love to cook. Barbara, through the years, collected many types of cookbooks and clippings of over a thousand peanut recipes. Both through the years had created some new and fresh peanut recipe ideas to add in. This all led to a decision ... to create their own collection of recipes and include the history and understanding regarding the worldwide use of peanut protein in this cookbook.

Since 2018 they began working together only on Monday mornings: 

They sorted out duplicate recipes, prepared and cooked/baked, photographed each.

Held group and family taste tested, tossed out or added  to the collection. 

We then wrote up each recipe that passed the votes ... into our favored cookbook formula

All recipes were taste tested between friends, family and peanut-worn-out spouses. A long with a few years of Covid-19 staying apart, they are into final edit on their cookbook.  

Our Mission

To provided a useful cookbook to most diet requests with flavorful, healthy...

Recipes from around the world

using peanut pant protein.

Our Vision

To encourage people to cook often with plant proteins. From Ordinary Diets to Vegans, Vegetarians to Keto Dieters and Meat Lovers. All will find tasty, 

easy to make recipes on our pages.

Our Values

We believe including plant proteins in our nutrition is important. We deliver this message in the assurance of tasty, easy to follow recipes in our cookbook for ...

                 home and professional chefs.

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